Shadowfax - A moving mesh code

This is a list of publications about Shadowfax, or making use of Shadowfax. If you have used Shadowfax in your work and want to add it to this list, please contact us!

The moving mesh code Shadowfax

Vandenbroucke, B., De Rijcke, S., 2016, Astronomy and Computing, 16, 109
Shadowfax code paper.

Advanced models for simulating dwarf galaxy formation and evolution

Vandenbroucke, B., 2016, PhD thesis, Ghent University, Faculty of Sciences
PhD thesis that describes the algorithm and implementation of Shadowfax in great detail.

Numerical simulations of dwarf galaxy merger trees

Cloet-Osselaer, A., De Rijcke, S., Vandenbroucke, B., Schroyen, J., Koleva, M., Verbeke, R., 2014, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 442, 2909
For this work, an early version of the Shadowfax mesh algorithm was used to obtain a reliable density estimate during the analysis of dark matter haloes.